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PC TuneUp Maestro

What Caused MIME Type Errors?

According to our research, common MIME type errors are caused by one of the following two reasons:

1. Missing host applications.
2. Corrupt or invalid Windows registry entries.

Under most circumstances, these two types of errors are closely related. Windows registry errors are also responsible for other issues, such as stability and performance issues, that you may experience with your computer.

The Solution

Based on our testing results, we recommend PC TuneUp Maestro by compuclever. By performing deep scans of your Windows registry, it checks for errors and conflicts that cause issues like MIME Type errors. Once issues are identified, you can choose to correct them and clean registry using the same tool.

Both lab test results and empirical evidences indicate that regular maintenance of Windows registry will greatly enhance performance and stability of your computer. With PC TuneUp Maestro, you can not only fix MIME type errors but also immediate boost your computer's performance and stabilities.

Download Register Booster and perform a PC error scan.

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