MIME Application/X-zip-compressed

MIME Content Type: application

What is MIME Application/X-zip-compressed?

The MIME type application/x-zip-compressed is one of the popular MIME types utilized all over the globe. Such types are basically used to find out all of the required encodings for ZIP file formats. The type application/x-zip-compressed is considered to be an application format. File extension .zip goes with this MIME type. This particular type comes under the multipurpose application types. As the name suggests the type is suitable for all of the compressed files. ZIP format is basically developed for compressing and achieving the data. It is one of the popular formats used to compress and achieve the information. Application/x-zip-compressed types usually contain more set of files inside in a compressed format. The format of such compressed files inside the ZIP can be of any type. The ZIP file package is not at all affected by the type of files included in the sets. The only purpose to store the files in a compressed format is to save some space. Zip compressed file format of the ZIP type makes use of multiple compression algorithms to save the storage space.

Deflate method is supposed to be popular than all other compression algorithms used. In the year 1985 original ZIP file format appeared and was developed for archiving application known as PKZIP. For this very purpose the ARC format was advanced. Since its discovery the application/x-zip-compressed has gained lot of fame. Two of the major platforms for better functioning of application/x-zip-compressed type are Microsoft Windows and Apple's Mac Operating System. Both of the platforms have surely resulted in to a da facto tool of compression. Lots of other applications make use of the type file format with support to their own extensions. Such formats increase the speed of working as well as require less storage space. For people unaware of such formats it is simple to understand the logic and working behind the files.

It becomes problematic to every time store and mail back large size files. Compressing the files can prove to be the simplest option towards saving some space on the computer. Users just need to unzip the file to know all the documents inside the set. Technically speaking the data gets compressed using fewer bits. Just for the fact that some space can be saved with the help of zip compressed files, its popularity and use is increasing time after time. It is simple to handle all compressed files with an extension .zip. All the required encoding for ZIP files is denoted by application/x-zip-compressed.

How to fix MIME Application/X-zip-compressed errors?

Web browsers, like IE and Firefox, use MIME Types to determine the best host applications to render and present binary data sets that are embedded in web pages. When you encounter a MIME Application/X-zip-compressed error, it is caused by one of the following two types of errors:

1) You PC doesn't have a host application that can open and render MIME Application/X-zip-compressed content. Like file extensions, each MIME Type corresponds to a particular host application that can be used to read and write binary data sets according to the matching MIME Type specification.

2) Your PC may have errors in the Windows Registry due to corrupt and invalid entries. Even if you have a matching host application installed, it couldn't be found and used by the Internet browser.


It is strongly recommended that you scan your PC to identify and correct these errors to properly view content embedded in MIME Application/X-zip-compressed format.

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