MIME Application/X-javascript

MIME Content Type: application

What is MIME Application/X-javascript?

The application/x-javascript is considered to be one of the popular multipurpose types. Lot of programs are now days created with the help of java scripts and coding. The fame for javascript is increasing time after time considering its usability. Application/x-javascript associated with the file extension .js is increasing in demand. Application/x-javascript is one of the popular MIME types utilized to denote all of the encoding required for files with source code of JavaScript. Such type of MIME is considered to be an application and it has got an alternative type MIME in the form of text/javascript. One of the widely used language java script proves to be one of a kind platform to end up with just the right codes for any program or software. Such coding or programming language is used to supply programming access to all objects within any other application. All of the files containing source code required for java script are with an extension JS.

On the basis of the appliance the java script can be executed or displayed as source code displaying all of the original codes. Java script is supposed to be a wide spread dynamic language. It can be described accurately as prototype based, dynamic, weakly typed and is associated with some first class functions. The script is derived and determined from ECMA script standard and is considered to be dialect of ECMA script standard. Lot of previous other languages inspired the making of java Script and the files. The files with extension js are usually simple to operate and handled by any of the non programmers.

People who are away from the use of Java can handle all of the application/x-javascript types. Files made from the java programming language as well as the java scripting language are considered to be mutually exclusive. No doubt both file formats are different from each other. It is simple to deploy the files easily with no problems. Traditional type for the java script is considered to be text/javascript. On the other hand another type of MIME used now days is the application/x-javascript. The x' in the type name simply indicates that the type is experimental or non standard type. Lot of web pages uses application/x-javascript. Keeping in mind the coding needs of people for their applications, all of the javascript files are being used. In other words application/x-javascript type is considered to be the internet media type used by thousands of people for better application functioning and fast data transfer.

How to fix MIME Application/X-javascript errors?

Web browsers, like IE and Firefox, use MIME Types to determine the best host applications to render and present binary data sets that are embedded in web pages. When you encounter a MIME Application/X-javascript error, it is caused by one of the following two types of errors:

1) You PC doesn't have a host application that can open and render MIME Application/X-javascript content. Like file extensions, each MIME Type corresponds to a particular host application that can be used to read and write binary data sets according to the matching MIME Type specification.

2) Your PC may have errors in the Windows Registry due to corrupt and invalid entries. Even if you have a matching host application installed, it couldn't be found and used by the Internet browser.


It is strongly recommended that you scan your PC to identify and correct these errors to properly view content embedded in MIME Application/X-javascript format.

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