About Us

We are a group of computer professionals with multi-decade experience. We have extensive knowledge and know-how's of computer operating systems and software. We also posses expertise in computer optimization and security technologies.

Nevertheless, sometimes we are just like you, who encounter issues like unknown MIME type errors, as they are now being closely associated with our daily computing experience through email communications and web browsing.

MIME-Type.net is your definitive online guide to all popular MIME Types. We design and build this site to make it become the largest free online resource of MIME types.

New MIME types are being generated, used and popularized every year, if not every month. Simply put, it is impossible to keep your browser always updated so that it can open, read and write using the latest MIME types. Nevertheless, it is possible, that by visiting our site, you can read and understand what a particular MIME type is and how to make your computer work with this MIME type.

It is our passion, that through MIME-Type.net, we offer you a complete, comprehensive and easy-to-understand knowledge base of MIME types, so that your daily computing life becomes productive, secure and enjoyable.